August 16, 2019 2 min read

We’ve all seen the Instagram photos of happy couples cutting into cakes with pink or blue filling, but what’s a mama-to-be to do if she wants to be a little more extra with her gender reveal? We’ve scoured the internet to find some of the MOST extra ideas when it comes to gender reveals. Get ready to take notes!

  1. Enlist a friendly gator to make the reveal… Yes, we said ‘gator’, as in ‘alligator’! A family in Louisiana invited friends and family to watch as daddy threw a hollowed out watermelon into the alligator’s jaws. The gator chomped down on the watermelon, producing an explosion of blue jello – it’s a boy!
  1. Bit of a daredevil? A professional skydiver in the US jumped out of a plane to reveal a plume of coloured smoke that signalled the gender to his family below. Like the plane theme? Another family rented a plane that dropped 1500 tiny blue balls onto family waiting on the tarmac!
  1. Want to get the whole fair in on your exciting news? One couple lit up a Ferris wheel in the colour pink to share they were having a beautiful little girl.
  1. Go big or go home – couples are hiring rocket launchers filled with confetti to announce their baby’s gender!
  1. Let’s face it – your hairdresser was probably one of the first people you told when you were pregnant, so why not get them in on the fun of the gender reveal! Ask your hairdresser to put a temporary blue or pink dye in your hair (make sure it’s preg-friendly) and let them share in the fun! You’ll need a good blindfold so you’re not tempted to peek! 

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