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In the face of difficult times, we need our community more than ever. Maive & Bo are committed to finding new ways to connect separately, yet together. 

Virtual parties are the new 'going out' - a way to maintain interaction with your family and friends throughout periods of self-isolation from the safety of your own home. 

Whether this is your first baby or you're an experienced mum, family and friends want to see how your pregnancy is progressing, celebrate your motherhood journey and no doubt shower you in gifts at this special time.

While a virtual party may not have been the first choice for your baby shower, we encourage you to give it a try at a time where connecting with your community and celebrating life's positives is a more than welcome respite.

Remember, you can always ask a close friend or relative to organise the virtual baby shower - most people will be more than happy to do their part!

Keen to give it a try? Here are our tips for running a Virtual Baby Shower at Home. 

Host a virtual baby shower

Group FaceTime sessions are a popular (and easy) way to hold a virtual party

1. Choose a platform

If you've got Internet access and a Smartphone, then you've got your party platform! 

Your first step is to download a platform that all parties can link to. Our favourites are FaceTime(iphone or ipad only) or Skype(all devices) but you can also try Zoomor Google Hangouts

Have a think about what screen you're going to use. A laptop or tablet screen will give you better visuals on all your party guests, however a Smartphone works just as fine.

Most of the platforms also allow you to snap photos of the group chat during the party also - perfect for sharing on social media.

If you're inviting older relatives to the virtual baby shower, you may consider calling them beforehand to ensure they don't need any help with downloading the platform. 

 Virtual baby shower

Virtual Baby Shower Invitation created with Paperless Post

2. Online invitations

Stay true to your virtual theme and avoid any unnecessary physical human contact with online digital invitations. 

There are plenty of free and paid applications online. We created our virtual baby shower invitation with Paperless Post

Some other great reasons for using online invitations are:

- They allow the recipient to immediately accept or decline the invitation

- If the recipient accepts the invitation, they will be sent a calendar reminder prior to the event 

- You can include a link in the invitation to the platform being used. This allows the recipient to download the platform prior to the event if necessary

- You can include a link to the baby store or baby shower registry of your choice. This allows guests to purchase and send you a gift without the need to leave their house. Ensure you give them enough time for parcels to be delivered to your house so you can open them during the virtual baby shower. 

baby shower decorations at home

3. Decorations

The best part of a virtual party? You only need to clean and decorate one corner of your house! Once the party is up and running, there's no need to relocate to another area.

Pick a spot in your house where you'd like to set up your device, ensuring there is good light and you're sitting far enough back that your guests can get a good look at you and your growing belly. Some devices will have an attachable stand or you can simply prop it up with some books or a coffee mug. 

Next, think about placing some balloons or party decorations behind you - if you're not able to get out, simple, clean flowers or greenery from your backyard will look amazing. 

While you're at it, be sure to choose a baby shower dress that embraces your bump and makes you look and feel amazing. Check out Maive & Bo's range of baby shower dresses online and allow 2-3 working days for delivery. 

We understand it can feel a little strange getting dressed up for this party but remember, this is still your baby shower and you deserve to create a little fuss!

If you're self-isolating with a partner, be sure to get him or her to take some photos of you before you start the party and while you're opening gifts. Your guests should also be able to take images (screen shots) of themselves with you through the platform. 

Share these pics on Facebook and Instagram for people who weren't at the event. 

4. Activities

Many of your guests will want to buy you a gift so encourage them to order something online and send it to your address prior to the party commencing (many baby stores or registries will gift wrap and organise a card for you also). 

Hold off opening the gifts until your guests have arrived at your virtual party, then join in on the ooh-ing and ahh-ing as you open adorable baby onesies, booties and other handy baby items.

Another game that you can play virtually is called 'Guess The Baby'. 

Before the party, ask your guests to email you an image of themselves as a baby. When everyone is in attendance, bring out each photo individually and encourage everyone to guess which guest was the baby in the photo. 

5. Share your images on social media!

Now, more than ever, is the time we need to share positive news and examples of communities connecting in a non-physical way. A simple photo and post on Facebook thanking your community is an extremely heartfelt way to do this. 


Would you consider a virtual baby shower?

If you're planning one or have recently help one we'd love to see your pics.

Tag us on Facebook or Instagram @maiveandbo

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