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Most Popular Baby Names in Australia 2019

If you have a little one on the way, there’s a good chance you’ve stared looking into baby names. 

You likely have an idea in my mind for what you want the name to evoke, and you’ve likely considered whether you’d prefer to go with something more on the traditional side, or something more bold. 

Either way, today we’ve got you covered, because with the end of the year quickly approaching, we have a good sense of what the top baby names in Australia are for both boys and girls.

Use these top picks to inspire the name for your little babe, and don’t forget, even if you want something more unique, you can always take inspiration from these names and come up with something that suits your little one. 

So first, let’s start with the girls. 

Top Baby Girl Names in Australia 


Let’s start off with some of the more traditional names. If you’re looking for a name that’s classic, recognisable, and can stand the test of time, you’ll love these options:

Charlotte, Olivia, Grace, Emily, Emma or Isabelle will all do the trick. 


Perhaps you’re looking for something that is a little more bohemian and inspired by nature. If this is you, you’ll love: 

Willow, Ivy, Ruby, Lily, Daisy, Poppy, and Violet (there’s certainly no shortage of flower-inspired names in 2019!). 


Probably one of the biggest trends we’re seeing in baby names is a newfound preference for vintage style names. In other words, names that might have felt most well-suited for your granny are suddenly back: 

Eleanor, Evelyn, Alice, Hazel, Stella, and Florence are just some of the names you’ll see as common little girls’ names in 2019. 

Soft, pretty, and feminine 

We also noticed that there’s a trend towards overly feminine names that seem straight out of a fairytale. 

For example, there’s Aurora, Isla, Emilia, Sophia, Layla, and Aria just to name a few. 

At the end of the day, though, meet your little girl, and see what name best suits her. You never know, perhaps her personality inspires a name you never even thought of. 

But for now, let’s move onto the boys!

Top Baby Boy Names in Australia 

No doubt about it: when it comes to baby boy names, there seems to be a major push for traditional, regal sounding names. Let’s review. 


With names like Edward, George, Archie, James, Harrison, Henry, and William all making this list in 2019, we can all agree that the royals are having a major impact on what people are naming their little boys.


In the same way that vintage little girl names are shining bright, we’re also finding that these older sounding names are gaining popularity for the boys. 

For example, there’s Archer, Theodore, Hugo, Xavier, Samuel, Sebastian and Harvey all showing up as some of the top baby boy name picks for 2019. 

And yes, Oliver definitely goes in this category as the top baby boy name for 2019 in Australia. 

When in doubt, go classic  

Between the overly regal sounding names and the more traditional style names mentioned above, you might be thinking nothing feels like the classic little boy name you’re after. If this is you, never fear, there are plenty of classic little boy names to choose from: 

Daniel, Thomas, Charlie, Max, Benjamin, Ryan, and Joshua are all ideal options for any parents hoping for a classic sounding name for their little guy. 

Regardless, though, don’t stress too much about picking the right name. Rest assured that whatever name you choose for your little bundle of joy will be perfect and just right for them. 

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