May 07, 2020 2 min read

With two beautiful children and a third on the way, Natalie Sullivan is no stranger to the 'joys and craziness of motherhood'.Her blog, This Sweet Life, has become a welcoming space for mums of all stages looking for helpful hints and advice with warmth and positivity. 

We love Natalie's style and the way she puts her spin on fashion to keep it fun and mum-friendly, so we asked her to choose her favourites from our newest arrivals and give them the Sweet Life treatment.

Natalie wears the Essential 3-piece Bump Kit $119.95


What do you love most about being pregnant?

I really love my bump, I always have. I enjoy dressing with a bump and styling my outfits. I also love my baby kicks and knowing there is always someone with me. 

This is your third pregnancy, is there anything you are doing differently this time around?
For the most part I have done everything the same. I was always really happy with my previous two pregnancy journeys and have basically followed everything I have always done, right down to birthing with the same midwife all three times. 


Natalie wears Vintage Lace Kimono $59.95


What is your favourite thing to do just for you right now?
Jump in a relaxing bath and listen to my ‘Calm Birth’ tracks.  I use this to prepare for labour and to relax in the lead up. 

What is one thing you want all new mums to know?
Don’t compare yourself or your journey to other mothers, and likewise don’t compare your baby to other babies too.  Every baby is different, every journey is different. You are your own unique person on your own journey. 


Natalie wears Harper Stretch Winter Wrap Dress in White Floral $79.95


How would you describe your pregnancy-style?
I love to wear floaty dresses and see pretty.  I find that wrap dresses are the most flattering or those that tie between my bump and breasts. 

Thanks for sharing with us Natalie!  

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