Love her (bump) style! Spotlight on My Darling Tribe

March 11, 2020 2 min read

Love her (bump) style! Spotlight on My Darling Tribe

We love to share the stories of our community and this week we shine a light on Gold Coast mum of two (with one more on the way) Danielle Tweedie. We chatted to her about how pregnancy makes her feel, the things she can't live without and what all mums should know.

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What has been your weirdest pregnancy craving?

Turkish delight. With my first daughter I was obsessed with it! I couldn’t go a day without eating some and it’s something that I would only ever have just if we went to our favourite Greek restaurant so something totally left field.

Before I was pregnant I swore I'd never ...

I only used to wear high heels, it was pretty much my thing! In fact you rarely saw me in flats unless I went to the gym but now I’m always on the hunt for nice flats because they are so comfy when you're pregnant.The thought of having to wear heels makes me cringe!I never ever thought I would say that before pregnancy.

What is the one pregnancy-related purchase you can't do without?

Ooooo honestly I’d have to narrow this down to a really good comfortable bra! Since my first pregnancy I have become obsessed with no-wire bras and finding the right one. When you're pregnant obviously everything changes in your body so I think being comfortable is really important but I never wanted to sacrifice style at the same time. Finding a good bra though is a lifesaver and makes wearing clothes so much easier if you are comfortable underneath all that.


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What is your favourite thing about being pregnant?

I love the feeling of growing life!

There is something about being able to hold your child long before they are born. And the instant love you feel for them as soon as you are aware of their existence. It’s such a beautiful feeling and how can we leave out those magic champagne fizz, bubble kicks....its pretty magical.

What do you want all mums to know?

To just enjoy being pregnant! I know there are times when you are sick or have aches and pains or just plain exhausted but when I look back on all my pregnancies, it’s was and always will be one of my most proudest moments. I was able to create and hold our precious babies, nature them, keep them safe and eventually bring them into this world.It’s the most beautiful I have ever felt too! There is something so special about being pregnant and feeling life within you so I think my advice would be enjoy it and savour this special time.

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