Top 3 pregnancy essentials {to look amazing}

Some girls take to pregnancy like a duck to water – from their shiny hair and glowing complexion to their perfectly polished toe nails.

Oh hey, Chrissy Teagan 

Chrissy Teagan maternity style

For the rest of us, nights of restless sleep, morning sickness and a wardrobe that no longer fits can take its toll.

            Oh hey, pregnant me

Tired pregnant lady

Here are some lifesaving pregnancy essentials to get you through maternity when you're feeling crap but still have to face the day. 

  1. Put down those painful pumps. In fact, burn them, because you'll never want to wear them again. Your back will thank you.

flats for pregnancy

Nine West have some cute suede pointy flats that are great for work – I like these ones (and they’re on sale right now!). Or Cotton On is always great for some cheaper options.

  1. Wear anywhere dress. Something you can wear throughout the entire pregnancy and get away with for work, going out etc. Bonus points if it doesn’t need ironing.

Maternity dress, maternity dress for work, maternity dress for wedding

Excuse the obvious plug BUT the Bettina Crossover Maternity Dress is literally the dress you can wear anywhere, is breastfeeding friendly, is only $55… okay I’ll stop now.

Ps. I just saw someone wear this maternity dress to a wedding with great earrings and it looked FAB. K stopping now.

  1. Lazy girl cosmetics. We’re all in love with BB cream and dry shampoo but these pregnancy essentials are even more relevant when you’re talking 10 extra minutes in bed.

Pregnancy essentials - cosmetics

I love Miracle BB Cream from Natural Glamour - it even has a little concealer and mirror in the lid (eep!!). Great for hiding green-tinged morning sickness faces.

Most dry shampoos will do the trick but you can’t go wrong for price and quality with Batiste. Smells amazing and guarantees a good hair day.  

Last of all, throw on some sunnies and you’re Chrissy Teagan’s style muse.

Products in post are not sponsored. Except for the Bettina Crossover Maternity Dress which is obviously, completely and unabashedly sponsored.