April 12, 2018

On just your average day, dressing for the office can be a challenge, right? Most definitely! So what happens when you throw in an ever expanding baby bump on top of that? Oh, we can hear the moans of dread from here, but never fear, at Maive & Bo, as leaders of maternity clothes in Australia, we’ve got your back, or should we say, we’ve got your bump.

Today we’re going to walk all you pregnant mamas through some simple styling tips to help you dress for the office while pregnant. You’re carrying around a tiny human, after all. You deserve to be comfortable, confident, and yes, fashionable.

Here are some of our favourite must have maternity clothes that we always recommend when styling an outfit for the office:


  • A Neutral Wrap Dress
  • Are you even surprised we’re starting here? If you’ve shopped with us at Maive & Bo. before, you likely know we’re most well known for ourstylish maternity wrap dresses. Well, good news: you can absolutely pull off a wrap dress when pregnant at the office. In fact, a wrap dress is a style must have for any working women, whether pregnant or not.

    So what kind of pregnancy wrap dress should you go for?

    Well, while we of course love our beloved floral print wrap dresses, when looking for the perfect office wrap dress, we recommend picking something a little more neutral and toned down, like ourMia Maternity Wrap Dress in polka dot. With this style, you still get a playful print like polka dot, but you’ll likely find with something more neutral, you’ll have an easier time accessorizing the piece.

    A versatile dress that’s actually stylish, and can be worn multiple times? Sounds like a dream come true!

    Make that dream a reality, andshop the Mia Maternity Wrap Dress now.


  • Dress + Blazer Combo
  • If you’re not feeling the wrap dress, or perhaps your maternity wrap dress collection is getting out of hand (we don’t blame you), we still recommend sticking in the dress category, as you’ll likely find dresses tend to be easier to work with as your bump expands. A loose dress will give you room to grow, while a fitted dress will expand with you.

    We actuallya full section of office appropriate dresses at Maive & Bo. that we recommend checking out if dresses suit your style. In particular, though, we love the idea of picking up something like ourBettina Maternity Dress for the office, and then pairing it with a chic blazer. With this combo, you’ll not only find the dress is insanely comfortable for long days sitting at a desk, or running in and out of meetings, you’ll also discover it’s an ultra chic, office appropriate style. Throw on your blazer, and you’ll be sending out all those working mama vibes.

    Bonus: this piece comes in both a black and a mauve ! Pick your favourite, or hey, get in both colours. No judgments here.


  • Statement Top + Black Trousers
  • Of course, though, not every pregnant lady goes wild for dresses. For some of you, pants are likely your bread and butter. If you fall into this category, black trousers will always be your best friend for the office. They’re slimming, completely office appropriate, and can easily be styled with a variety of tops. Just make sure you pick up a pair with stretch to compensate for your belly.

    To style your black trousers, we recommend pairing them with a flowy blouse, if you already have some in your wardrobe. However, if you’re looking for a piece that can both double as maternity wear and nursing wear, we highly recommend checking out ourCross My Heart Nursing Top. This is one of our favourite tops for the office, not only because it’s super comfortable and breathable for days when the heat is blazing, but it can also be worn as a nursing once your little babe is born.

    Hello double bonus!

    Throw a blazer or cardigan on top when you’re not feeling the sleeveless style, and we have no doubt this top will be on constant rotation in your wardrobe.

  • Tunic + Leggings
  • And when that day comes--and trust us, it will--when fitting into your favourite pair of trousers is a thing of the past, opt for a pair of leggings and a tunic. While you might automatically think of leggings as what you wear around the house, that’s definitely not the type of leggings that we’re suggesting here. We’re recommending thick, office appropriate leggings that have stretch. Believe us when we say, once you've reached a certain point in your pregnancy, these babies will be a life saver. And of course, pair your leggings with a stylish tunic for the ultimate office inspired look. No frumpy style here.

    And there you have it: maternity clothes that you can wear to the office.

    Tie it all together with simple flats or chic wedges, keep your makeup light and fresh to let your pregnancy glow shine through, throw on some accessories that make you feel like a million bucks, and voila! You’ve achieved perfect office style while pregnant.

    Who said maternity fashion at the office had to be boring? Certainly not us!

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